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About Smartcall Recruitment

We Create Relationships

Above all else and underlying everything it is the unbeatable relationships we have with the staff we provide and the clients we support that sets us apart from our competition. It is by far the main reason for our success.

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Our focus towards quality over quantity means that our internal processes don’t have to be sacrificed at the expense of being over stretched. The case for many recruiters nowadays is that they take too much business, stretching capacity, and then, when peak periods increase, quality levels inevitably fall!
Many agencies knowingly break SLA agreements or internal compliance supplying inadequately skilled staff to customers when pressured. This results in raised on/off accidents, H&S breaches, staff not turning up leading to low or failed production or warehouse targets, missed distribution drops, poor customer services and lowered driver performance.

Smartcall Recruitment


Smartcall Recruitment have specifically placed ‘ consistent quality control’ and ‘never ending improvement’ at the forefront of our day to day operation. By focusing our efforts on working with a dedicated customer base rather than anyone and everyone, we are able to ‘properly’ manage and control front end recruitment. Accepting only candidates with the best skills, behaviours and attitudes, and therefore adding visible quality and depth to our labour pool.

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